Darboshea Prima Donna (major ptd)

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(Journey x Diva)
DOB 6-27-02
OFA BT-4206G25F-PI BT-EL1550F25-PI
Cerf BT2865/2006

Zoe grew up to be a lovely and elegant young lady. She had a level bite with full dentition. She was a petite girl with a pleasing Belgian expression, in a warm red and compact package. She had beautiful length of neck and she moved without effort with an easy side gait and was clean coming and going. She was a beautiful combination of her parents Journey and Diva.

Zoe was quite fun to live with. She just knew she wass a lap dog, slowly "melting" her way up from the floor to your lap. She loved her squeaky toys to the point of sometimes the toys have to go "bye bye" for a while. Zoe lived with her buddy Kiera and Julie Henningsen here in Edmond, OK.

Picture taken at the 2003 National

Picture taken at the 2003 National

Best Of Breed at 9 months
5 pt major over specials


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