Thrill Litter

N'est-ce Pas Van Moned JHD TT TN-O NJC NGC CL3-R,H,S,F"Nessy"
UKC/AKC CH Chimeric Bedazzled at Darboshea "Brennah"

DOB July 4, 2006
4 boys & 3 girl

This litter was co-bred with Charlotte Frazier, Belle Bete Belgians

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A big thank you to Carole Corbin, Chimeric Tervuren,
for working with us to make this breeding possible.

Darboshea Thrill Me To The Tune
Green boy ~ "Django"~

Darboshea Thrill you, Thrill me
Yellow Girl ~ "Remi"
Darboshea Be Thrill My Heart
Blue Boy ~ "Dalton"
Darboshea Dark Plains Thriller
Red Boy ~ "Yaqui"

Darboshea Simply Thrilling
Purple Girl ~ "Cheri"

Belle Bete Thrill Factor
Orange Boy ~ "Mister"

Darboshea Designed To Thrill
Pink Girl ~ "Micha"



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