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~*~*~*~ Terverun - The beginning ~*~*~*~

Cody & Foxy


"God Must Have Had a Dog"

Remember when she was a pup, her playful little ways?
Remember how we used to play on those wonderful spring days?
Remember how she'd sit and gaze with knowing eyes at me?
And remember how she then got up, to lay her head upon my knee?
Now those times will come no more, she lives only in my heart and memory.

For God must have needed her, because he took her back from me.
Although I wish she could have stayed, and spent more time with me,
I smile at the thought of her, with her head upon God's knee unknown.

cody.jpg - 11079 Bytes
Ch Cardon's Commander Cody CDX
1985 - 1997

Ch Carefree's Gunner's Skipper CD
Ch Sibirka's Bansee Lady CD CBAR

foxy.jpg - 10675 Bytes
Ch Encore Tiger Lily CDX CBAR

BIS Ch LaBelle's A Liberte XBAR
Snowflower Indian Paintbrush UDTX

Ch. Touchstone's Cutting Edge HIC CBAR (aka "Butter")
vixen.jpg - 14727 Bytes
Ch Darboshea's Wind Vixen CD "Vixen" 1989 - 1997
dillonweb.jpg - 11168 Bytes
Ch Darboshea's Dillon's Dream HIC TDI CGC "Dillon"
skyy.jpg - 15407 Bytes
Mult. Am/Can BIS Ch Snowflower Skyy Chateau CDX HIC Can CD CBAR "Skyy"
arrakis1.jpg - 18755 Bytes
Ch Aftershock's Prince of Arrakis CDX HT

From left to right
BIS Ch Sky Acre's Cappucino HIC
BIS Ch Snowflower Skyy Chateau CDX HIC CBAR
BIS Ch Sky Acre's Chaz de Snowflower CD HIC CBAR

The one that started it all..
the obedience shows, seeing my first Terv, finding Foxy, and so on and so on ...Kelley's Contessa UD "Tess"

Ch Darboshea's Wild Card

CH Darboshea's Pinch Me I'm Dreamin' CD CGC TDI
"Hot Rod"
Romulin's Gambler at Darboshea......also known as
"The Boss".
Owned and loved by Floyd Kelley.
January 10, 1994 to August 2, 2006



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