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Bred By : Donna Klepek "Donne Tervuren" & Vicki Kelley "Darboshea Tervuren"
DOB: 4-21-00
CERF: BT-2492/2004-49 OFA: BT3839G27F BT-EL1229F27

Lacey.......what a cute little Terv girl. She was my 4th generation of Tervs. She was very sweet, & very loving. She was willing to try anything that you asked of her. She was very athletic, graceful, agile, alert. She was a great take any where dog or a great let's curl up on the bed and read a book dog. She was a very honest dog....what you see is what you get.

Structure wise she was very balanced and square. Clean moving coming and going, beautiful side gait. She had full dentention with a scissor bite, seizure free, hips/elbows/eyes certified. Lacey was a very deep mahogany with lots of blackening. She was a very healthy Terv with health and longevity behind her.

She was a smaller girl, finishing quickly with 4 majors and 1 single point, placing in her puppy bitch classes at the 2001 ABTC National. You will find an exceptional blend of European and American Tervuren in her pedigree.

Lacey went to live with Carl and Anne Reeder in Ft. Worth TX. It is reported that she ruled her new kingdom in Queenly fashion.


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