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DOB: MARCH 20, 2008
OFA borderline right hip Elbows Good, Eyes clear

Jesse is no doubt one of the sweetest, most loving Terv girls that I have ever had. She is such a calm, easy going girl, but she will shift gears when she goes to the door to be let in or out. She is my first spinner…..she goes around in tight circles both ways like a reining horse! She loves to meet people and will stay as long as there is a good scratch going on.

Jesse is out of the Neil Diamond litter (Avenger x Demi), when she was tiny she was so very, very dark. She has kept the dark overlay with plush, warm red showing through. She has excellent masking with a dark eye and beautiful expression. She has a scissors bite with full dentition. She is 23.5”, good bone and tight cat feet. She stands square and has good angulation front and rear. She moves nicely and has a pleasing side gait.

Unfortunately her OFA came back with a borderline rating on her right hip. Her elbows are good and eyes are clear. Jesse is such a beautiful girl she had lots to offer and I had plans for her, but those were canceled…

We never think it can happen to us, but before she could be spayed she came in season and while I was away at a dog show, Mister was allowed to run with Jesse and Demi and we had two litters born 4 days apart.  After Jesse raised her puppies she was spayed and placed in a forever home where she is a joy to her family.


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