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Ch Darboshea So Special

Kaytlin...what a girl!  Born and raised here at Darboshea, Kaytlin pretty much rules the home and yard as queen bee.  Her pedigree contains several very well-known and respected Tervuren such as Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves at Corsini, Lauren de Condivicnum at Corsini and the multi titled CH Cairbar That Special Touch “Josh” to name a few. 

A big Thank You to Kay Morris of Cairbar for letting me import semen from her Posh Josh boy for this litter and also letting me be Josh’s other Mum! 


Dorboshea Check Yes or No

Sweet Josie….born and raised here at Darboshea, Josie makes sure the other dogs are happy and getting along, the peace keeper so to speak.  She loves people and will bounce up and down poking you until she gets her pats and hugs. 

She will be taking a break for motherhood soon. 

Corsini Marie France

We were very pleased to have another lovely girl bred by Amanda McLaren, Corsini Tervuren living with us. Demi grew up to be a sweet and beautiful young lady.

Thank you Mandy for making both Diva and Demi a special part of my life.

Corsini La Diva bright, bold and beautiful girl. I'm sure all of you have or have had at one time, the "dog of your heart". That is what Diva was to me, the dog of my heart.

She was the most loyal, loving dog I have ever had. She filled every need that I had, from her funny little "butt-tucked skitter" dance to bring a smile, hugging against me as a great bed warmer or just to comfort some sad times. She could be a high energy girl but also had an off button.

Diva was bred by Amanda McLaren of the Corsini Kennel in England. I got Diva at 10 weeks of age and we bonded immediately. She was a delight to watch grow up, was my best friend and proved herself an excellent producer of exquisite puppies.

Diva was the Queen Bee of our home and ruled her domain with a wag of her tail or that stern look (the "Diva" look). She has quite a following of friends and admirers and she was happy to greet all of them and lean against them for a good scratch or ear rub.

Diva went to the Rainbow Bridge Oct. 2, 2013..... sure do miss her. 

Ch Darboshea Chas'in The Stars

Seren... (Gaelic for Star) is the pink girl from my Star litter out of Diva and Ares. Seren was a very lovable, energetic and beautiful young lady.

She was a beautiful blend of her parents....a quality combination of some of the top European and American pedigrees.

Woodlawn Chantilly Lacey D’Shea

Little Lacey Lou...our step to the dark side!  Lacey is the absolute sweetest, loving little girl ever.  She loves, loves people and other dogs.  She will schmooze up into your lap and roll over to show you her little pink belly that is just begging to be patted.  She is a real crowd pleaser at the shows. 

We are looking forward to a successful and full of fun future with Lacey.  A big thank you to breeder Julie Pierce for letting Lacey come live with us. 

**Lacey won 1st place in her 9-12 puppy bitch sweepstakes class and her regular 9-12 puppy bitch class at this year’s Nationals.  She received several nice comments from the judges and the spectators.  I am VERY proud of this little girl!**

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