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OFA BT-3262G24F-T    ELBOWS BT-EL752-T  
CERF BT-1899/2006-100

Diva - 22.5 inches tall, square build with a beautiful abundant coat that was a lovely warm red with just the right amount of blackening. She had a complete level bite, excellent masking and chiseling with very dark, almond shaped eyes. She had beautiful small, tight feet. She was a very elegant girl of the European type.

Diva's kids include several AKC/UKC Champions, some working on herding (she also loved to herd ), some in agility, tracking, rally, obedience and one that is taking up the drug dog position while her older buddy is getting ready to retire.

There are also several other ways her kids are serving, but the most important is that they are loving and loved, loyal members of their families. They go hiking, canoeing/boating, traveling, swimming or doing the couch potato.......whatever their families are doing at the time.

Vicki & Diva at the ABTC 2010 National Specialty
ABTC 2010 National Specialty Veteran Bitches
Diva and Tuffy
(ABTC 2010 National Specialty)
Photos by Carole Corbin

Photos by Carole Corbin

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Photos by Carole Corbin

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