Ch. Corsini La Diva HIC



OFA BT-3262G24F-T    ELBOWS BT-EL752-T  
CERF BT-1899/2006-100
SEIZURE FREE bright, bold and beautiful girl. I'm sure all of you have or have had at one time, the "dog of your heart". That is what Diva is to me, the dog of my heart.

She is the most loyal, loving dog I have ever had. She fills any need that I may have, from her funny little "butt-tucked skitter" dance to bring a smile, hugging against me as a great bed warmer or just to comfort some sad times. She can be a high energy girl but also has an off button.

Diva is 22.5 inches tall, square build with a beautiful abundant coat that is a lovely warm red with just the right amount of blackening. She has a complete level bite, excellent masking and chiseling with very dark, almond shaped eyes. She has beautiful small, tight feet. She is a very elegant girl of the European type.


Diva was bred by Amanda McLaren of the Corsini Kennel in England. I got Diva at 10 weeks of age and we bonded immediately. She has been a delight to watch grow up, be my best friend and has proven herself an excellent producer of exquisite puppies.

Diva's kids include several AKC/UKC Champions, some working on herding (she also loves to herd ), some in agility, tracking, rally, obedience and one that is taking up the drug dog position while her older buddy is getting ready to retire. There are also several other ways her kids are serving, but the most important is that they are loving and loved, loyal members of their families. They go hiking, canoeing/boating, traveling, swimming or doing the couch potato.......whatever their families are doing at the time.

Diva is the Queen Bee of our home and rules her domain with a wag of her tail or that stern look (the "Diva" look). She has quite a following of friends and admirers and she is happy to greet all of them and lean against them for a good scratch or ear rub.

Here's to several more years with Diva and her kids. Check out "Diva's Family", on this website and also the puppy page for more pictures of some of Diva's kids and upcoming grandkids.

Diva went to the Rainbow Bridge Oct. 2, 2013..... sure do miss her. 

Vicki & Diva at the ABTC 2010 National Specialty

ABTC 2010 National Specialty Veteran Bitches
Photos by Carole Corbin
Diva and Tuffy
(ABTC 2010 National Specialty)
Photos by Carole Corbin

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Diva & Doire

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Photo by Andrea Debbins
Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves at Corsini
Femto du Bois du Tot
R.e. Day-Dreem de Condivicnum
R.E. Fr./Lux. Ch. Ares Du Bois Du Tot
Adena de Condivicnum
R.E. UK Ch. Tiakie Du Sart Des Bois
R.E. Fr. Ch. Olrick Du Chemin Des Dames
Mirbelle Du Chemin Des Dames
r.e. Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves
R.E. Bel./Fr./Lux./Neth./Int. Ch.
Grimm van de Hoge Laer
s.r. Zarka of the Two
R.E. Bel. Ch. Beggy of the Two
Altesse de La Clairiere aux Louves
R.E. Swan Du Pays d'Astree
Thalie Du Puits d'Ombelle
Lauren de Condivicnum at Corsini
s.r Isar du Royaume de Bucksye
R.E. Carey Du Bois Du Tot
Briska Du Bois Du Tot
R.E. UK Ch. Tiakie Du Sart Des Bois
R.E. Chirga de Condivicnum
R.E. Fr./Lux. Ch. Ares Du Bois Du Tot
Aida Du Clos Du Cher
r.e. Brennie du Sart de Bois
Uhgor Du Sart Des Bois
Phantome Du Sart Des Bois
Prune Du Sart Des Bois
Tchalai Du Sart Des Bois
Sheick Du Sart Des Bois
Patty Du Sart Des Bois


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Photos by: Carole Corbin
and Andrea Debbins