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Fablehawk Undaunted Dream D’Shea

JJ...We are very pleased to have the lovely young man “JJ” (Fablehawk Undaunted Dream) bred by Anne Lindsay, living with us. JJ is growing up to be a sweet and handsome boy.

Thank you Anne for sending JJ to come live with us. 

**JJ won 1st place in his 9-12 puppy dog sweepstakes class and his regular 9-12 puppy dog class at this year’s ABTC Nationals.  He received a lot of nice comments from the judges and the spectators.  I am VERY proud of this boy!**



Darboshea See & Sigh for this Guy

Mister was my husband’s dog. He was Floyd’s first Terv and it was fun watching each of them training the other. Mister is so very sweet and loving, very willing to try most anything.

Floyd was very proud of his boy.

CH Darbosbea How Do You Like Me Now

Tuffy...was a striking male out of Journey and Diva. He was a personality plus boy, always happy. He had a big Belgian grin that got even bigger when he did something onery.

Tuffy possessed an abundance of love for life and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Tuffy lived with my daughter Kaci, and they made quite the team. We are very proud of both of them.

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